Yoga and mindfulness – the greatest gifts you can give your child at Christmas

At Yogabears™ we know the greatest gift a child can have is presence, in an ever-increasing stressful world for children imagine they could just always be in the magical world of the now, where every moment counted, and it was not about counting the presents under the tree.


Sometimes I wonder are we setting children up for disappointment answering children’s Christmas lists only for them to open and realise the game or toy does not look the same as on the advert and the initial buzz of opening the present soon disappears for them to think what next? are we not being kinder by helping them to understand the gift of the moment.


The greatest gift we can give children is to help Children internalize all the gifts that they have within, to help children to understand that they already have it all and no amount of or lack of toys and games can change that.


Yoga is an amazing way to help children understand their superpowers, yoga can give children the buzz of unpeeling the layers of gift when they discover their strength in downward or their balance in ‘I am Dancer’ pose thus internalizing bliss so that they do not feel the need as much for outside gratification.


In the hustle and bustle of Christmas it is easy for us as adults to get stressed out and worry which will have a direct impact on our children. Children are great empaths and pick up on our energies they also in turn may mimic our behavior, creating stress in our children which of course is the opposite of what we are trying to do.


Giving children our time and presence is priceless worrying about chairs around the dinner table or having another run around the shops is not so why not de-stress and find a connection with them, helping them find presence through yoga movement and stillness. I find the answers always come after yoga anyway so the gifts are endless.


We love star pose at Yogabears™ especially at Christmas time when we see ourselves as sparkling on top of the Christmas being the light we need to be in the world.


Love & Light,

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