What if trying to be the best is not good enough?

What if trying to be the best is not good enough?


As I have grew up and grew as a person over the years the more I learn to embrace other people’s differences and uniqueness, and in a world where sometimes being the best is only good enough I realize the only definition of being the “best” is to be the best version of yourself.

As a mum of two, I tell my Michael and Jasmine it is never about winning it is about trying your best, and their is no such thing as practice makes perfect, put practice will create passion and if we can instill passion in our children the possibilities are endless. When I was In the process of creating YogaBears, I actually never thought I was creative? Because I was not an artist, I didn’t make sculptures or I wasn’t a fashion designer, or graphic designer (all stereotypical creative roles), but then somebody’s said to me how creative I was in my teaching and the classes I had started to add to my studio schedule (now Liverpool yoga studios) and I realized I was creative I did think outside the box and I got the greatest pleasure in creating my classes and was in my element creating YogaBears postures and what is now our YogaBears curriculum.

Once I realized my creativity, it took me a while to know that I had to nurture it and if sometimes life took over and I was not able to sit and nurture my creativity I would start to feel a little sad because something inside of me needed to be expressed, almost like a volcano I wanted to erupt :0) “Volcanoes are one way earth gives birth to itself”

This is one of the reasons at YogaBears we take children on a journey of self discovery not on a journey to be the best. All our YogaBears know the amazing superpowers they have within, and YogaBears teachers help children to understand, although we all have the same superpowers we all express our super powers differently, we are all the same but beautifully different.

At YogaBears we allow children to find their passion, providing a safe space at the beginning of each class to talk about what they loved about their week or what they are looking forward to, and this helps to harness children’s inner intuition about what they love, what they are passionate about which as they get older will allow their passion to flow more freely.

YogaBears Volcanoes pose is an amazing posture to explain to children about passion, we say when we are passionate it creates a beautiful energy inside that bubbles and makes us feel happy and excited and then this energy bubbles out and gives something magical back to the universe.

To do volcanoes pose crouch down low bending your knees, think about your passions what do you love, or ask your children what they love :0), then jump to the sky as high as you can to allow all your positive love & passion to be unleashed. My passion will forever be YogaBears and I am so happy I get to give my YogaBears to the universe, I don’t think my passion will ever end ❤️

Love & light Estelle

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