• Super Power = FRIENDSHIP
  • Symbol = BUTTERFLY
  • Emotion = CALMNESS

Stan is our orange YogaBear with a superpower of Friendship. Stan can be used to demonstrate yoga postures to younger children and can help children to connect with their emotions and identify their own superpowers. Stan comes with a workbook to guide children through a short yoga programme which will enable them to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of yoga

Stan is an orange chakra bear, and he has three very special superpowers; friendship, pride, and creativity. His superpowers are kept safe inside his body, right below his bellybutton which is home to the special sacral chakra! Stan loves going to new places and meeting new friends, and he loves to play games and have fun with his Yogabears family!
Stan knows that the most important thing is to try his best at everything, and have lots of fun doing it. Just like you, he is special and unique.
His favourite things to do are paint, draw, build, sing and dance – especially when he is doing these things with his friends!

Stan’s Special Symbol

Stan’s special symbol is a butterfly, and it always reminds him that he can grow and change into anything that he wants to be. He loves everything about himself, and wants to remind everyone how beautiful they are too. When he sits tall in the butterfly position he likes to imagine that he has butterfly wings. He believes that his wings can take him wherever he wants to go, and as long as he believes, he can do anything he wants to in life.

Stan’s Favourite Things

Stan likes to make a calm, creative space for his fellow Yogabears’, so that they can receive creative impulses from Mother Earth. The more connected Stan is to his friends and family, the brighter his orange glow! Stan loves to be around water, as it is where his creativity is the strongest. Just like flowing water, he always has a stream of creative energy.

Stan’s Special Sound

Stan has his own personal, special sound that helps to make his superpowers grow bigger, brighter and stronger. This sound is VAM. Whenever Stan sings or says VAM, he compares it to the beautiful creation of a butterfly. Before it transforms into a butterfly, it is a caterpillar hatched from an egg. Then it builds itself a home called a chrysalis in order to get ready to spread its wings and fly! Just like a butterfly, your orange superpowers can help you to fly higher and shine brighter!

Stan loves to sing VAM in the morning just after he wakes up, or when he is playing in the garden. When he does this, he gets an explosion of ideas for new and exciting games to play and adventures to go on! It makes him feel even more proud, unique and special.

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