• Super Power = TRUTH
  • Symbol = MOON
  • Emotion = KINDNESS & HONESTY
  • Favourite thing = TO LISTEN TO OTHERS

Sid is our blue YogaBear with a superpower of Truth. Sid can be used to demonstrate yoga postures to younger children and can help children to connect with their emotions and identify their own superpowers. Sid comes with a workbook to guide children through a short yoga programme which will enable them to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of yoga

Who is Sid?

Sid is a blue YogaBear, and his special superpower is truth. Whenever Sid wants to feel his superpower within, he says to himself, “I am TRUTH”.

Sid’s Special Symbol

Sid’s special symbol is Moon. Whenever he raises his legs into the Happy Birthday pose with his body in an L shape, Sid remembers how the moon has no light of its own, but works with the Sun to reflect the light of the Sun onto our Earth. By expressing his truth and being honest and kind with his words, Sid can reflect his kindness onto others. In the Happy Birthday position, Sid celebrates the joy of being alive, which makes him very happy!

Whenever Sid is Moon, he is kind. He knows that kind words make himself and others feel warm and happy inside. Sid knows that he can also BE kind, such as by doing things like sharing, playing nicely, helping and listening to others.

When Sid is Moon, he is voice. Sid’s voice is his connection to the special light that shines inside of him. His voice is always truth and always kind, and his special light inside shines even brighter than the Sun.

Sid’s Favourite Things

Sid absolutely loves to talk. He loves telling stories, and he loves to tell his other YogaBears how beautiful, amazing and fantastic they all are. He also knows just how important it is to listen, because listening to others might help him to understand how he can help them, or why they may be sad or angry.

Sid likes to make a space of honesty for his fellow YogaBears. In order to be honest, you must tell the truth at all times. When Sid and the YogaBears connect, their voices connect as one. When they are together, they are stronger, happier and their lights shine brighter, When they speak kind words, Mother Earth sends more kind people into their loves, and lots of love right back to them. The more Sid speaks kind and truthful words to his YogaBears, the brighter his blue glow.

Sid also loves to be outdoors. He likes having lots of space to jump, spin, dance and create the most amazing dens, spaceships and sandcastles! The more space that Sid has around him, the more he feels free to explore our beautiful planet, and all of the treasures that he finds daily.

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