• Super Power = FREEDOM
  • Symbol = RAINBOW
  • Pose = SAVASANA
  • Emotion = ZEN

Rah’s superpower is Freedom and his favourite posture is Dream. Rah is the oldest and wisest of the family, Rah is white because he is the combination of all of the superpowers together.

Rah is a white YogaBear, and he is the oldest and wisest of the Yogabear family. Rah’s special superpower is Freedom, and whenever he wants to feel his superpower inside of him, he says to himself, “I am FREEDOM”. Rah is white because he is a combination of all of the superpowers put together!

Rah’s Special Symbol

Rah’s special symbol is Rainbow. Whenever he relaxes in Zen pose, he feels his crown begin to shine. His crown is the top of his head. All of the energy that Rah has created during his yoga practice, travels up from his spine, to his belly button, into his heart, through his through, and into his third eye. When it reaches his crown, Rah’s body begins to feel full of energy, and then when he breaths he starts to relax. When he is full of energy, his body and mind feels free to do whatever he wants, go whenever he wants, and be whoever he wants to be.

When Raj is Rainbow, he is Light. He has a special rainbow light inside of his heart that he was given when he was born. Because of his light, he is not scared of anyone of anything. Rah’s special light is always guiding him.

When Rah is Rainbow, he is All. The Sun and the Moon, the stars and the sky, the day and the night… this is All. The birds and the trees, the flowers and the bees, his hopes and his dreams… this is All. Rah knows that all means everything that he can see with his eyes, touch with his body, and feel with his light.

Rah’s Favourite Things

Rah absolutely loves to create a space of freedom for all of his fellow YogaBears. YogaBears can be whoever they want to be, all they have to do is listen and feel the rainbow light that shines from the base of their spine, all the way up to their crown. When a YogaBear’s rainbow light is shining bright, anything is possible, all they have to do is trust their light within!

Rah is the keeper of all, he knows the potential of every child. He creates freedom with his yoga family by always instilling confidence, faith, and love into each and every one of them!

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