Mula Bear


Mula is our red YogaBear with a superpower of Happiness. Mula can be used to demonstrate yoga postures to younger children and can help children to connect with their emotions and identify their own superpowers. Mula comes with a workbook to guide children through a short yoga programme which will enable them to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of yoga.




Who is Mula?

Mula is a red YogaBear, and her special superpower is happiness. Whenever Mula would like to feel her superpower within, she says to herself “I am HAPPY”.

Mula’s Special Symbol

Mula’s special symbol is tree. Whenever she stands up tall in the tree position, she likes to imagine that she is the tree. Mula imagines that she can feel the roots from her feet connecting her to the Earth, and keeping her standing strong. Just like the roots of a tree, everyone has a strong foundation that lets all YogaBears grow.

Whenever Mula is a tree, she is safe. She knows that she will always have her roots that will stop her from falling down. Mula also feels safe because she truly loves herself, and she is also very loved by all of her YogaBears family and friends. Being loved makes her feel safe.

When Mula is a tree, she also feels grounded. By being grounded, it means that she is always connected to the Earth, and protected by her loved ones.

Mula’s Favourite Things

Mula’s absolute favourite thing to do is to go outside! She loves going to the beach, the countryside or the woods, and if you ever visit those places you might just see her there! When Mula is outside, she feels more connected to her red superpowers. She loves to stand with her paws buried in the soil, just like a tree!

Mula likes to create a safe space for her fellow YogaBears. They all love to sit together and connect with each other as they feel all of the Earth’s magical energy. Mula is the keeper of the beginning, and she knows the potential of all children. She creates trust within her yoga family by always being there for them.