Hata Bear


Hata is our green YogaBear with a superpower of Happiness. Hata can be used to demonstrate yoga postures to younger children and can help children to connect with their emotions and identify their own superpowers. Hata comes with a workbook to guide children through a short yoga programme which will enable them to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of yoga.




Who is Hata?

Hata is a green YogaBear, and her special superpower is love. Whenever Hata wants to feel her superpower within her, she says to herself, “I am LOVE”.

Hata’s Special Symbol

Hata’s special symbol is heart. Whenever she backbends into the Camel pose, Hata can feel her own heart open to the skies and she feels all of the love she has for herself and her YogaBears around her. Hata feels love in every being that she meets, she smiles and smiles are always returned back to her! Hata knows that whenever she is love, love always comes back to her in a million different ways!

Whenever Hata is Camel, she is forgiveness. In order to forgive, it means that you have to let go of sadness and move forward, which always makes Hata feel lighter, brighter and happier.

Whenever Hata is Camel, she is now. She knows that the only moment that ever exists is this exact moment now. Hata knows that you shouldn’t spend your now feeling sad, upset or angry, and you should spend your now being happy, full of joy and fell of love.

Hata’s Favourite Things

Hata’s favourite thing to do is to show love. She loves to smile, hug, play in nature, share her toys, and spend time with loved ones. She knows that these things, and kind words like “Thank You”, are all ways in which love is in our lives.

Hata likes to make a space of love for her fellow YogaBears. Whenever they connect, the love they have and share with each other raises their vibrations, which makes them happier and brighter. Hata likes to remind everyone that we also receive love from Mother Earth, and that we are never alone, which makes us feel loved. The more she speaks words of love to her YogaBears, the brighter her green glow.

Hata loves to be in the air. She loves to fly, jump, or even just in her Aeroplane pose, with her winds soaring through the skies. Being free through the air is where Hata feels free, happy, light and connected to her heart, open to love herself and others.