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Hey, guys welcome to my YogaBears school teachers blog. I’m really excited to be writing this monthly blog and giving you an insight into my life as a YogaBears teacher in schools. So how did my journey begin? I have worked with children since the tender age of 16 I have worked in lots of different settings including managing nurseries, children’s centres and teaching in a school. Now I know  I’m getting on a bit  I’m 38 and times change things advance and move forward however where in the curriculum does it teach children to be calm and how to cope with the fast-paced, achievement-based society we live in? Teachers honestly don’t have the time to add this to the daily lessons I know this first hand and believe me the pressure is on more than ever for both teachers and children.

I have three children of my own Ben 14, Jack 8 and Olivia 1 and as a mum, I see the differences and things such as social media and technology has on this generation. Although there are many positive aspects of social media the negative effects on children and adolescents are also numerous. Social networking has altered childhood dramatically in the past decade and is becoming an increasing concern. Research suggests that going online makes children more likely to make negative social comparisons with others.

I remember talking to a child at school one day she was only in year 2 and was so upset and stressed about her upcoming SATS exams, I did all I could to reassure her but she had got herself really worked up and I remember feeling helpless. This for me was my turning point I didn’t want to add to the pressure but I wanted to help children to be able to feel more relaxed able to focus and have the skills to self-calm when needed. I searched for things I could do to help for some time but nothing really jumped out on me but then I looked a little closer to home and yoga/mindfulness had helped me so much when I had lost my dad I don’t want to sound dramatic but it changed my life so much and in a way saved me.

I  thought finding a course would be the easy part I wanted to be sure I found the best course I could so I did a lot of research and wanted the right course content to fit in with a school environment I found YogaBears and have never looked back. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do and that was to bring Yoga into as many schools as possible across the city.

After I completed my training I brought YogaBears into the school I was teaching in and It was then that I discovered my true love, and it marked the path I would take becoming a full-time YogaBears teacher. Working closely with Estelle the creator of YogaBears and Vicky the studio manager and collating all our individual skills we have developed the school programme even further one which I have tried and tested and know works so well. I had a lot of contacts in the school services that I had made throughout my career and with months of hard work, endless meetings I have begun my journey as a full-time Yoga teacher and I have never felt so happy and blessed to be doing a job I love and that makes a difference to children today and adults of the future.

Yoga and mindfulness can transform children’s experience of school. I work with schools to provide bespoke classes tailored to the needs of teachers and children . Yoga focuses on the individual physical and mental development of the child. Movements are age appropriate and provide opportunities for children to manage their thoughts and breathing techniques. Practising yoga from an early age gives children the skills to deal with the everyday pressures of today’s society. This provides a non-competitive environment for children to grow in confidence and self-esteem.

Keep posted for my blogs of how a week in the life as the school YogaBears teacher really is feedback from teachers and children the highs (definitely more highs) and lows nothing will go unturned.

Any questions drop me a message I’ll be happy to answer but for now, I’m off to do some Christmas shopping.

Much love Elly

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