Happy New Year from Estelle

Happy new year from me Estelle and my amazing YogaBear team!!

I love new year, I love the hope and positivity among people the feeling that anything is possible and all our YogaBears know that anything is possible, it is not just at the beginning of the year but all year round.

In order to reach new year goals it is important to let go of anything in the past that has been holding you back, this could be a negative thought pattern “I am not good enough” or negative memories and past trauma, whatever it is if it is not serving you let it go. A lot of things that we can be holding onto can come from our childhoods and that is why yoga is an amazing tool. Through yoga, movement of the body and control of the breath, we can tap into memories and emotions that were bothering us that we did not know were there, and simply let go.

At YogaBears we are working with our children now so they do not have so much to let go of when they are adults, we are giving them the tools not only to feel their body and emotions but to express thier feelings and emotions and let go. Nobody’s life is perfect and it is important to remember we all have our own struggles and children are especially sensitive to change and as natural empaths they are also in-tune with the moods of others. Even though events appear not significant to an adult they may well be to a child, children do not always know how to express that something is bothering them. As a mum and creator of YogaBears I think it is so important to talk to our children ask them how they are feeling and why, I know from experience sometimes when children are “acting up” it can very well be because something is bothering them and they do not know how to express it or can be scared to upset an adult. We should be particularly sensitive to the quiet ones who do not seem to display emotion because it often those who need guidance the most, to help them to talk through and understand there feelings.

An amazing tool to let go is simple talking and that is why we start all our YogaBears classes with a circle of connection giving children the opportunity to talk about thier day or week. Another amazing tool is to connect with the breath, when we have control of the breath it allows us to take control and let go.

At YogaBears we love using our YogaBear bear breath. We do this by placing the YogaBear teddy bear ( like Mula below or you can use another soft toy) over the child’s belly it allows the child to see how they are in control of raising the bear and lowering the bear, the bear also helps children to focus.

Once children are aware of the breath when they lower the bear you can encourage the child to exhale deeply out of the mouth at the same time talking about letting go of anything that may or may not have been  bothering them, either way children are always calmer and more relaxed.

I believe 2018 is going to be a year of connectivity and creation and I hope it’s an amazing one for you. YogaBears classes are starting back this week across the globe if you would like to see a YogaBears class in your area please get in touch it is our mission to spread YogaBears and our superpowers across the globe. For the latest information on our Teacher Training this year follow this link for news about London & Madrid.



This month is also Mula’s month so keep your eye out for lots of posts relating to our Root Chakra. Love & light Estelle xxx

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