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The emotional side of yoga

We’re all aware of the physical benefits of yoga. Increased flexibility and strength, improved circulation, posture and alignment… but did you know that yoga, in both children and adults, is equally as beneficial to our mental and emotional health?

Spread the Love

The phrase ‘spread love’ is one that we’re all familiar with, especially more recently where it has been used as a positive mantra to unite communities, strangers and friends. Love is one of the most powerful emotions – it can be spread from person to person, it can change someone’s life, it can heal. So, educating our children from an early age on love, empathy, respect and all the other complex emotions that come it, is essential to developing a kind and united next generation.

Emotional Development

Here at YogaBears, we place great importance on doing just that; developing our children’s emotional skills and wellbeing, helping them to understand and channel their feelings in a positive and healthy way.
Our programmes are designed to assist our YogaBears in developing their emotional awareness, both their own emotions and the feelings of others too, giving them a great understanding of how to empathise and how to openly talk about feelings.

Communication is key, and our trained YogaBears teachers are experts in using yoga to help children process and understand all of this, encouraging them to participate and develop their mental and emotional wellbeing in a fun and safe setting.

Our YogaBears teddy bears are also used as a yoga prop in our classes to aid this education. Each bear has it’s own background and personality, and each one promotes a ‘superpower’, channelling the seven chakras of Happiness, Strength, Friendship, Love, Truth, Dreams and Freedom. The bears are used as a tool to not only aid children in reaching physical yoga postures, but also to connect with the emotional side of yoga, identifying with the bears and finding their own superpowers.

Find out more about our YogaBears classes here.

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