Children’s Yoga Teacher Training is nearly here!

Im so excited for our first YogaBears teacher training of 2019, our manual is ever expanding and our curriculum is ever evolving, I feel this could be the best yet!

I am the creator of YogaBears but the beautiful thing about YogaBears now is that I am in co-creation with all my teachers. Currently our  YogaBears teaching community operates and has experience within, yoga studios, schools, children’s centres with groups as well as one to one sessions. My amazing teachers give me lots of inspiration for new yoga postures and even new themes. Right now, I  feel so happy and confident knowing that we can give our YogaBears Teachers trainees more support and guidance in all all settings.

Personally the greatest development of YogaBears since our last TTC has been the growth of our Yoga in Schools Programme. It has been a dream come true!I have delivered YogaBears to schools in Spain and also witnessed my vision of ‘Yoga for All’ being implemented in schools across the North West of England.  I am really excited that Ellie who is our lead teacher in schools will be joining the April TTC to share her experience of YogaBears in Schools.

What I love about the YogaBears course is that we are not just a two day course who then send teachers out to teach alone, we are a 100 hour course with an ever growing community and support network so teachers always feel supported in their very significant role as a Children’s Yoga Teacher. In addition when our YogaBears Teachers feel ready for further development we have lots more Teacher Trainings exclusive to YogaBears Teachers including ButterflyBears, happy hammocks, youth yoga and coming in November this year Baby YogaBears.

We are lucky enough to have so many amazing teachers now who just like our children have their own superpowers, some specialise in teaching younger children others focus with our developing YogaBears Youth Yoga and as the children grow, I have seen from experience, the teachers grow and I love that they find there job so rewarding as do I.

I started this YogaBears journey over 10 years ago it’s started as an idea that evolved into a class and is growing everyday into a movement for children everywhere of every age, so they know they are truly unique and magical. It is just as exciting for me to watch children realise this, it is also just as exciting to watch my amazing YogaBears teachers realise this too.

There are still 4 remaining spaces available for April so please email us at [dt_sc_email icon=”fa-envelope” emailid=””/]

Love & Light



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