Our Story

The inspiration for Yogabears came from my love of children, my love of yoga and my teddy bear that never left my side when I was a child (who I still have now).

My vision for Yogabears was to be more than a class for children I wanted Yogabears to be a part of children’s everyday life, helping them to be nurtured and grow confidently.

I aspired for children to know more about the physical part of yoga, I wanted them to build a strong foundation through yoga and to be the strongest, happiest, loving and compassionate humans they could be.

Through my years of Yogabears  I have found the best way to help children understand about the philososophy of yoga and understand  the chakras is with the Yogabears teddy.

Each Yogabear has a super power which directly relates to their chakra. Chakras are energy centres in the body and the idea of relating them to superpowers seemed to me to be a magical way to explain because all children are aware of their favourite super hero and their super power, so why not know about their own innate superpowers.

Today Yogabears is my dream come true, it is allowing children to explore their true selves. My Yogabears are helping children in difficult time, my Truth Yogabear Sid often giving children a voice when they find it hard to express themselves or Hata my unconditional love Yogabear, always available for cuddles when family and friends may not. What is surprising to me is that there is no favourite Yogabear as such, children gravitate towards the Yogabears and their superpower when the time is right for them. It may be Ajna when they need to remember dreams can come true or Mula when they need to feel safe and secure, their Yogabear is always there for them.

 Yogabears   now have expanded and grew where are now. Yogabears classes, outside of school as well as in schools, the Yogabears curriculum being loved by teachers as they can experience first hand the benefits yoga brings to children.
Each Yogabears has its own module, so children have  time to explore the physical aspects of the Yogabears but also how each Yogabears   represents mindfulness and gives children the opportunity to explore and talk about theirs emotions.

Discover the Yogabears  to find the perfect ones for children you love!

– Estelle, Yogabears Creator

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