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Meet our family of YogaBears teddy bears!

Our seven bears each represent one of the seven chakra points, with each bear having it’s own super power, personality and favourite yoga postures.

Our YogaBears syllabus is built around the seven bears, with each class tailored to explore the bears’ meaning and to take the children on a journey to connect with each bear and to discover their own super powers.

The bears are key to the YogaBears concept as, with the support of our trained teachers, they enable children to identify and connect with their emotions, exploring the bears’ personalities to develop a sense of their own self, and provide a method of demonstrating and practising yoga postures in a friendly and fun way.

As well as being cuddly friends to the little ones, the bears are perfect for practising those yoga poses at home.

So meet the bears  and find out which one shares your little one’s super power.

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