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Teacher Training

At YogaBears, our aim is to develop our adults of tomorrow into strong, happy and healthy individuals, enabling our children to grow into their teens and beyond with purpose and a strong sense of who they are in today’s ever-changing world.

Our Children’s Yoga Teacher Training is a course designed to combine yoga with your passion of working with children, creating a fun and stimulating environment where kids can shine…taking their own light into their everyday lives for all to see!

Created and conceived by Estelle Cartlidge, this course will give you the skills to make yoga fun and accessible to all children, using a wide range of techniques to tap into children’s very own ‘superpowers’. With over 15 years experience of working with children, from babies to adolescence, Estelle has created YogaBears as a tool to use the ever-increasing known benefits of yoga, to help children find their voice and tap into their emotions and inner-wisdom, all whilst in a safe and happy environment.

We have seen huge transformations in many children at YogaBears, and we now want to pass on our teachings to the next generation of YogaBears Teachers…you will also find this course helps you to re-connect with your own inner-child, and tap into your superpowers!

Teacher Training

At YogaBears we teach children the ABC’s of yoga. Yoga is a practical technique for developing both the mind & body in perfect harmony. Whatever you need you can achieve, all you have to do is believe.

At YogaBears we develop the mind, body & soul, creating oneness.

YogaBears is a unique, colourful recipe of yoga postures designed specifically to support the child (holistically) in their early years of development & beyond.



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