Our YogaBears

At YogaBears, we teach children the ABC’s of yoga to develop the mind, body and soul, creating oneness within every child we teach.
YogaBears is a unique, colourful recipe of yoga postures designed specifically to holistically support the child in their early years of development and beyond.

With the aim of developing happy and healthy children, both inside & out, we love to create stories and rhymes using yoga postures to narrate and explore, whilst helping children to positively develop both socially and emotionally.

As children progress from YogaBear babies to YogaBear Leaders, the intention is to turn YogaBears play into a developed yoga practice that will become part of their life forever.
With the first class free for every child, it’s the perfect opportunity for them
Whatever you need you can achieve, all you need to do is believe.

YogaBears Classes

At YogaBears, we cater for children from 6 months old and upwards. The teaching style and programmes vary between age groups to get the most out of children at the key stages of their development.

We introduce the YogaBears Syllabus with the aid of our seven magical bears and workbooks, which the children use to begin their journey of exploring and uncovering their very own super powers.

Children who join part way through a term will receive workbooks for the sections of the syllabus that they have missed, plus assistance from the YogaBears team to ensure they can complete the programme and benefit in full from their YogaBears experience.

We are introducing the cashless class this term which will see all children’s places being pre-paid, this is to ensure teachers can focus on providing 60min fun and interactive classes. Digital receipts will be required. Class cards and full terms can be purchased following the below link,



All of our YogaBears receive:


  • First class free
  • A yoga mat to use during the class
  • Discounted rates for our Family Wellness Workshops and Events
  • YogaBears who sign up to the full term will also be given a free YogaBear teddy bear</>

YogaBears Syllabus

YogaBears is based around a 40 week programme, which children have the opportunity to progress through from ages 6 years old to age 11. All YogaBears classes are taught by our trained YogaBears teachers and assistants, who have varied backgrounds and experience in working with children and in the community.

The YogaBears syllabus, has a super power structure which is based around the seven chakra points of Happiness, Friendship, Strength, Love, Truth, Dreams and Freedom.

Each child with regular attendance will receive a workbook for each chakra, which will help to guide them through the programme and includes home activities and home learning, plus four accreditation books along with a graduation certificate and ceremony upon completion of the programme.

The best thing Syllabus is that once a child has completed the syllabus, if they’re not ready to move up to the older class they can re-do the syllabus as many times as they like. They will continue to learn something new and understand the programme on a deeper level with every year as their social, emotional and physical skills develop.

Family Yoga 

At YogaBears, we believe there are numerous benefits to parents and children practising yoga together.

While our YogaBears classes are strictly children-only, we run monthly Family Yoga Workshops to allow parents and children to experience a session together. Welcoming an adult accompanied by up to two children, the workshops are a chance for families to have fun, work in partnership and deepen their connection to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of yoga together.

All of our YogaBears are offered special discounted rates for all our Family Wellness Workshops and events.

Happy Hammocks


Happy Hammocks is designed to take our children into the skies!

Using a fabric ‘hammock’ suspended from the ceiling, our children learn how to tap into their su-perpowers whilst building strength and focusing on the breath.
Our class is uniquely developed for children aged 7-11 years, including those who haven’t had any previous mat-based yoga experience.

The Happy Hammocks programme has been designed to improve concentration and balance, cre-ating confidence and self-awareness, all whilst having an immense amount of fun!

At Happy Hammocks, our children learn to let go of fear and F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself).

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