My name is Estelle, also known as Mummy Bear, I am the creator of the YogaBear family. I am lucky to have many children in my YogaBear family who create magic through movement of the body and connection with the breath – we call it the YogaBear dance, and through our yoga dance we create happiness and positivity. The YogaBear family first began with my son Michael and daughter Jasmine, and their YogaBear daddy Michael. When Michael and Jasmine were born, I knew strong foundations for the whole family could be set through yoga and I wanted to share the positivity of yoga with as many children as I could, so I started to run my yoga classes at LYS and from that day on our YogaBears family grew and evolved together. YogaBears have created lots of yoga magic and there’s lots of YogaBear magic to come! Please come and join our YogaBears family. Namaste



My name is Michael, and I am the co-creator of Liverpool Yoga Studios and YogaBears. When I first met my baby YogaBears Michael & Jasmine, I became aware of a very special kind of magic, like Estelle I believe all children are born with superpowers and it is our job as adults and parents to make sure all children can thrive. I am so proud of our YogaBear family and love seeing just how confident and kind our YogaBears are. I believe that YogaBears is going to make a huge impact in raising the vibration of the universe. YogaBears learn to use their own superpowers so that they can help others use theirs, the magic is real. I look foward to you joining our magical journey. Namaste


Michael (the original Yoga Bear!)

My name is Michael and I am the original YogaBear. I love YogaBears because I love to be with all the other children and I feel special that I get to do yoga with my mum, dad and sister. My favourite posture in YogaBears is the Happy Headstand – I love being upside down! I think yoga has helped me with my football, I love scoring goals and I always do YogaBear stretches with my dad after football – he says it’s my secret weapon :0) My mum says YogaBears is going to go around the world so maybe I will see you there. Namaste



My name is Jasmine and I love being the original YogaBear! My mum is the creator of me and we love to create YogaBear postures together. I love being with all the YogaBears especially my mum, sometimes I help to teach YogaBears as I love helping the little YogaBears. Mummy says it’s not just about being bendy but by being strong too. My favourite pose is the Dancer Pose, I love to dance. The reason I love YogaBears the most is because it makes me feel free. I think you could call me the youngest YogaBear teacher, come and join me on the YogaBear mats. Namaste

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