World Day for Cultural Diversity for Development and Dialogue

This Sunday is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Development and Dialogue.

Not the snappiest of titles but an important day nonetheless! Back in 2002, the United Nations declared 21st May as the day to bring the world’s attention to the values of cultural diversity and for us on a personal note to further consider how we can embrace it in our day to day life.

Culture is always a hot topic and is such a broad subject, but in essence it is about bringing people of different beliefs, backgrounds and customs together in order to achieve ‘peace, stability and development’, as explained by the UN.

Cultural diversity is an everyday part of life nowadays, and the understanding and education around the subject is key to building strong economies and communities. The UN explains that it is also a ‘means of leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life’.

This hits home with us at YogaBears, as inclusiveness is central to our ethos – we welcome all and believe that diversity is a key factor in educating our youth and achieving the emotional oneness and well-being that we strive for in our programmes.

So whatever you’re up to this weekend, take a moment to think about how lucky we are to live in such a colourful and culturally rich world, and the opportunities it can bring for us and the next generation!

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