Today is the International Day of Families!

Observed every year on the 15th May, this special day was put in place by the United Nations in 1993 in order to bring the world’s attention to the importance of all things family, which is at the core of society across the globe.

This year the theme of the day is focused on the role of family, education and well-being – something very close to YogaBears’ heart!

Education is a key focus for the 2017 Day, with the importance of early education and lifelong learning opportunities, plus the essential role played by caregivers, being at the centre of the theme.

Starting children out on the right path with a good education is so important, and as part of this, the work-life balance is under the spotlight to ensure parents and caregivers have the opportunity and the means to support young ones and develop their skills and knowledge, not just through school but through life lessons and a real world education in issues such as human rights, gender equality, cultural diversity and sustainability.

Family life looks very different across the world, throughout the country, even down every street… family life looks different in every household. This is what International Day of Families aims to recognise each year.

But at the heart of every family is a set of positive principles which bring those people together – trust, love and respect.

Here at YogaBears, trust, love and respect are values at the heart of who we are. We understand the importance of family and how the well-being of families, and not just individuals, can have a positive impact on day to day life. How those all-important life lessons can be taught and learned through developing strong relationships, spending time with one another, and caring about each other’s physical and mental well-being. We even offer Family Yoga sessions, which bring families together through having fun and learning the practice of yoga as a family unit.

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Happy International Families Day everyone!

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