Anja is our purple YogaBear with a superpower of Happiness. Anja can be used to demonstrate yoga postures to younger children and can help children to connect with their emotions and identify their own superpowers. Anja comes with a workbook to guide children through a short yoga programme which will enable them to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of yoga


Who is Ajna?

Anna is a purple YogaBear, and her superpower is her imagination… DREAMS! Whenever Ajna wants to feel her superpower within, she says to herself, “I am DREAMS”.

Ajna’s Special Symbol

Ajna’s special symbol is Jewel. Whenever she relaxes into the Grateful Yogi pose, she feels her mind’s eye – the jewel that glows inside of her mind – begin to open. Her imagination her Ajna’s connection to infinite possibilities, as long as she can picture it in her mind. Ajna can use her dreams to create. With the power of her dreams, she can do or be anything that she wants to be! In the Grateful Yogi position, she likes to think of everything in her life that she is grateful for. Things like her family, her home, her clothes, food to keep her healthy, her amazing body, he breath and her heart. She has so much to be grateful for! In order to be grateful, you must be thankful and happy.

When Ajna is Jewel, she is feeling. When she listens to her body she is feeling. Her body will tell her when she is doing or saying something that is kind, and whenever she is doing or saying something that is not. All Ajna has to do is close her eyes, speak to her jewel, and her body will give her a nice feeling when she is being kind, or not a nice feeling when she is not being kind.

When Ajna is Jewel, she is peace. When she plays nicely and share, she is peace. Whenever she spends some time in silence, she is also peace. When she sends love and joy to everyone in the universe, she is peace.

Ajna’s Favourite Things

Ajna absolutely loves to help others. She understands that not everybody is aware of their own special jewel inside of them, and so she likes to help them to close their eyes and see their jewel shining bright.

She likes to make a space of excitement for her fellow YogaBears. Whenever they connect, they share their innermost dreams and desires with each other. The more that they speak about who they want to be, and what they want to do when they grow older, the more they know that it will become true. The more Ajna and the YogaBears share their dreams and imagination, the more excited they become about their lives, and how grateful they are to live on the amazing planet! The more Ajna connects to her jewel and shares her dreams, the brighter her purple glow!

Ajna loves the morning time, right when the Sun is about to pop up and say hello. When the day is just starting, she can see her jewel shining bright inside, and she thinks of all the amazing possibilities the brand new day holds for her!

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